Top 10 iPhone Gps Tracking Apps

Top 10 iPhone Gps Tracking Apps

List Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps to iPhone

List Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps to iPhone
List Top 10 GPS Tracking Apps to iPhone

There is a need to be concerned about your loved ones and track apps can be helpful in the event that your iPhone is stolen or gone missing. GPS is a system that aids in tracking the position of lost devices. You just need to install the application on your device, and it’s extremely easy to track the device. The following are the top 10 GPS tracking applications for iPhone you can download for your iOS devices.

Part 1. Top 10 iPhone GPS Tracking Apps

Part 2. Recommendation for the Best Tool for Remotely Tracking iPhone Activities

– Part 3. Tips on How To Block GPS Tracking On iPhone

Part 1. Top 10 GPS Tracking apps for iPhone

Part 1. Top 10 GPS Tracking apps for iPhone
Part 1. Top 10 GPS Tracking apps for iPhone

1) FreePhoneSpy

Parents who are concerned about their children’s movements can make use of this GPS tracking application to keep track of them. It tracks the owner of the device in question and lets you track the steps of their children. To follow the owner’s movements you’ll require permission. This app is compatible on the most recent iPhone devices, iTouchs, and iPads.


It is a great tool to keep track of all the members of your family.

It’s simple to set up.

It offers a user-friendly interface.


To allow tracking to begin, the target device owner must be able to grant permission.

2)Geo Tracker

This GPS tracking app for iPhone is able to work in a flexible way. The app allows users to determine the exact location of any device at any point. This app blends GPS functionality with internet mapping to make it easier to assign your device swiftly. This app is compatible both with Android and iOS devices such as iPhone 5/5C/6/8/10 and iOS 11.


It also comes with an integrated track calculator.

It is able to record everything that happens in the background.

It’s very precise in its location.


It could be affected by the environment.

3) Mobicip

The iPhone GPS tracker app works in a way that is smart. It is available at middle school levels which can be used to block online activities like dating or gambling sites. The high school level can be used to block sexually explicit content on the device being targeted. This app works well for all iOS devices like iPad, iPod Touch and all iPhones.


The ability to download and test the trial version for free.

It’s simple to install.

You can check live in real-time.


Every device you wish to monitor will require a subscription.

4) Glympse

This application works in real-time and allows location sharing without downloading. It can be used to find the exact location at any moment of the owner of the target device. It works with iPhone 5/5C/6/8/10, iOS 11, iPad as well as iTouch devices.


It is not necessary to download.

It’s not necessary to sign to sign up.

It gives real-time navigation capabilities.


It’s not compatible with certain operating systems, for example, BlackBerry.

5) Telephone Sheriff

This is a different GPS tracking application for iPhone that gives you find the location of your loved ones. It makes use of GPS capabilities to monitor the location of the target phone. It is compatible on all iOS devices, as well as Android devices.


If the person who owns the device is attempting to disrupt the system, you will be notified immediately.

You can turn on time limit controls.

The system is simple to use.


It does not include a key logging feature.

6) TrackerGPS Mobile

Multitasking apps can be utilized for both your iPhone as well as your car via this application. It features a real-time updates function that will keep you informed on all the happenings that affect the owner of the device. It allows you to add landmarks to your map and as well send commands. This app works with the most up-to-date iPhone models, including iOS 11.


It comprises of an information platform necessary to access location data.

It provides you with live time tracking capabilities.

One tap on the screen allows you to monitor the exact location of your iPhone or any other car equipment.


It’s pricey in comparison to its competitors.

7) My Family GPS Tracker

You can monitor your family’s movements for as long as they’re on an active mobile phone. It features an easy to navigate interface with the ability to communicate with your family in full. The option to personalize the app lets you personalize the app to your liking. The app works with all iPhones including iPod Touches, and iPads.


It lets you transfer the location to your family members by sharing it on its platform

The real time feature allows you to monitor the device you want to track.

Ability to support end to end communication.

It is possible to test the free version before purchasing it.


It lacks specific characteristics.

Its VoIP connections can become sluggish without you even realizing.

8) Lassy Project

If you’re trying to find your missing child you’ve found the right app to use. It’s free to use and can help you locate the lost child in the shortest period of time. Simply push the button, and text alerts will be distributed to all those who are interested. This will enable people to start the search to locate the child as soon as possible. Lassy Project works with iOS 11 and Android 4.


It will show the child’s picture, making it simple to use the search

It provides a free service for parents looking to keep tabs on their missing kids.


The only option is to pay annually, but there are no subscriptions that are monthly.

The necessity of forming groups of a network for the search.


The GPS tracking app for iPhone includes a live vector map which allows you to quickly assign your device. Additionally, it gives you the option to share your ETA with family members and friends members. The app is compatible with iPod Touch, iPad, iPhones version 8/8.1/10 and iOS 11 devices.


This app allows you to search for certain locations, like hotels.

It’s got many interesting details.

It informs you of the location of your children in real time form.


It’s only available on iOS platforms. It requires iOS 8.0 or higher.

10) Cell Phone GPS Tracker

This application lets you share the location of your phone with designated users. It functions in real-time thus allowing you to track the person with the phone in the shortest period of time. It comes with a robust memory that lets you save your history of tracking. It is compatible on all iOS devices, including iPad, iPod Touch, and the most recent iPhones.


It can save battery power by running in background.

It’s very simple to make use of.

You can also share the exact location of your phone with other people.


It’s not compatible with some operating systems, like BlackBerry.

Recommendation for. The best tool to remotely track iPhone activities

FreePhoneSpy allows you to monitor the data on your iPhone in real time. You don’t need to jailbreak or install any other app on your iPhone to allow this program to perform its job. The application is simple to use and has powerful spy capabilities that permit users to monitor the activity of any device. You can track it both from your own phone and computers.

Why we recommend this tool to remotely monitor iPhone activities

Applications: FreePhoneSpy lets you monitor all apps installed on the device you want to monitor. You can also download videos, images, and movies from the target device.

Text Messages and Contacts: This program lets you view all messages received and sent on the device of your choice.

Multimedia Data – Ability to review all videos and photos downloaded on the device of your choice.

Browser History: It is also possible to see the entire browsing history of the device in question.

24/7 Support Support: The technical team is on hand to offer support to users via emails and live chats at any moment.

Part 3.

Although the capability to track your iPhone is a brilliant idea, however, the majority of users aren’t for it. This is why you should get rid of the gps tracking feature on your iPhone. This will prevent applications from using your location to locate your location. This guideline will help you deactivate GPS tracking from your iPhone.

Step 1. Step 1.

For the first step first, tap the “home” button to start your iPhone. If you want to be redirected back the services panel you will be asked to enter your passcode of four characters.

Step 2. Tap”Settings” and”Location services”

Click on services, then go to services and click on”Settings”. This should be on the bottom of your screen.

Step 3. Step 3.

Click on “location services” to continue. In order for the GPS tracking to be turned off Make sure that the field is “Off”.

Step 4. Step 4.

Exit by pressing the”home” button. You can choose to turn GPS tracking capabilities off or on at any time by simply turning “On” to the service for location.

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