Three Tips For Facebook Location Tracking

Three Tips For Facebook Location Tracking

Top 3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking

Top 3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking
Top 3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking

Facebook is a prominent name in the world of social media and has been a pioneer in the field of social media and has set a trend. Facebook is used by billions worldwide across the world. Facebook lets you stay contact with loved ones and family even when they are far from you. You can chat with people as well as share videos and photos with them. But it can be used for much more than the purpose of sharing pictures and videos, and that’s the tracking of your location.

Location tracking on Facebook allows you to monitor the exact location of your family members and friends. You can also share your location with them. This feature on Facebook can be used to track a person without anyone knowing. Whatever reason you have to monitor someone’s location it’s feasible with the proper tools.

– Part 1: How to track Friend’s Location on Facebook

Part 2: How to Disable Facebook Location Tracking

Part 3: How to Track the Location of a person using FreePhoneSpy


Part 1. How to monitor friends’ location on Facebook

Part 1. How to monitor friends' location on Facebook
Part 1. How to monitor friends’ location on Facebook

Making use of Facebook to keep track of your friends is a very easy task and you can accomplish it without having to do anything or downloading an app. If you and your buddies allow sharing of your location on a device, you will be able to monitor their location. Marauders Maps can be used to determine the exact location of your friend. It’s a Google Chrome extension that can track the location of your Facebook friend via chats and can pinpoint the location of your friend as high as 1 one meter.

Step 1 1. Install the Marauder’s Map Google Chrome extension using the Chrome store or the official site.

Step 2: Enable the developer mode of Google Chrome extensions and the extension will be able to locate your friend’s location.

Step 3: Now, open the history of chats for the person you wish to track , and Marauder’s Map will begin the process of finding the location of his friend.

Step 4: Finally you will be shown the exact location of the person from where they left the message.

Note: Keep in mind that Marauder’s Map extracts the location information from chats on Facebook chat only when the Facebook location sharing feature is enabled in the target device. If they aren’t able to enable the location sharing feature, you won’t be able track the location of the person through their Facebook chat history.


Part 2. How to stop Facebook location tracking


If you’re not the one being monitored the tracking of your locations can be very exciting. It’s quite a bit of a fright to find that you were being tracked by someone for several hours without even aware of it. While Facebook location sharing was developed in order to let users to reveal their location to family and friends, still some people find a way to exploit it. Location sharing can be utilized by criminals to check out employees’ schedules and hold them hostage in exchange for ransom.

Like any app or feature, Facebook location sharing also has advantages and disadvantages. You can always turn off Location Sharing if you don’t want your location to be tracked by a scammer. To turn off Location Sharing, you’ll have to turn it off on your device. You can also follow these simple steps to turn off location access exclusively for Facebook application.

Step 1: Launch Facebook using your phone’s application drawer. Click on “More” It appears like three horizontal bars. Scroll down until you see “Account settings” then tap the option that appears.

Step 2: Tap the”location” option, and then switch the button for sharing location information to disable it.

You won’t have to share your location with someone every time you send them a message.


Part 3. FreePhoneSpy.


Locating a person’s position using the above method is easy but it also has certain limitations. If someone posts their information about their location on Facebook this can be traced. However, most people aren’t comfortable sharing their location. Location Tracking has become essential nowadays for parents to keep track of their kids. It is possible that you are concerned about the location of your child and would like to know where they are. Children often lie about whereabouts. Children can be lying to you about where they are and tell you that they are at a friend’s house. However, they are somewhere and not there.

So if you are worried about your child’s safety, you would want to monitor your child’s movements using a better tool and FreePhoneSpy is the tool you need. It is a monitoring and spying tool that is able to keep track of the activities of a person on their smartphone. FreePhoneSpy is able to track any mobile phone or device that runs the Android operating system. FreePhoneSpy is a monitoring app that tracks android users’ location. This feature isn’t available to iOS users because of Apple’s strict privacy policies.

Download FreePhoneSpy App at: https://freephonespy.app


Why We Recommend This Tool to find a person’s location


FreePhoneSpy Monitoring application for Android allows you to monitor the location of an individual’s real-time GPS position. Simply install the app on your target device and you can see their exact location , real-time and places they traveled to.

Geofences Alerts FreePhoneSpy can track the whereabouts of an individual as well as allow you to set locations alerts. Geofences can be set up to send alerts to notify the individual of their arrival at the location you’ve set as a geofence.

FreePhoneSpy allows you to view texts. The name of the sender as well as the receiver is visible in addition to the time stamp.

FreePhoneSpy tracks Facebook chats and messages. You can look up messages in relation to chats as well as conversations.


How to find someone’s position using FreePhoneSpy


Step 1: To sign-up for an account, log on to the official website of FreePhoneSpy. Select “Try it today” to sign up. Enter your email address and password, then select “Sign up”.

Step 2: Next step is to open the FreePhoneSpy wizard to set up and then enter the information of your intended target, like name, age and OS that is installed.

Step 3. Download the FreePhoneSpy Monitoring app via FreePhoneSpy.com Install it on the Android device. The app will be opened and you can sign in to your FreePhoneSpy account to begin using it. All permissions granted to the application. Click “Start Monitoring”.

Step 4: Then you need to sign in with FreePhoneSpy Facebook Spy App to your mobile device. Open Locations from the control panel. You will be able to view all location data and time stamps of the targeted location.


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