The Top 7 iPhone Location Tracking Apps And Tools

The Top 7 iPhone Location Tracking Apps And Tools

Reviews of the Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Apps

Reviews of the Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Apps
Reviews of the Top 7 iPhone Real Time Location Tracking Apps

The demand for real-time location tracking has increased in our modern times. iPhone users are in a multitude of situations that require real-time tracking of their location necessary. It’s impossible to keep track of them at all times particularly when you are working and work, which is why you should use real-time location tracking software and apps to keep track of their movement. This article will present the top iPhone real-time location tracking apps and tools you can make use of in order to monitor the location of your loved one and shield them from any type of threat.

Part 1. Top 7 iPhone Location Tracking Tools and Apps

Part 1. Top 7 iPhone Location Tracking Tools and Apps
Part 1. Top 7 iPhone Location Tracking Tools and Apps

1. FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is a free iPhone real-time location tracking app that allows you to track the real-time location of an iPhone. It is possible to install the app on the device to be targeted and then follow its position in real time.


– Track the place of your goal in real time.

It covers Geofencing as well as reports on the location.

Multiple devices are able to be monitored by multiple devices.

It operates silently as it runs in the background.

FreePhoneSpy has an SOS panic button.


– This puts a lot on the battery.

Compatible OS:

– iOS 9 or later.

Download FreePhoneSpy App at: https://freephonespy.net

2. GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker lets you track your family members anywhere across the globe with an iPhone real-time tracker app. It uses the GPS, internet mapping, along with other modern iPhone features to provide you with the best location tracking for tracking your kids or spouse, as well as other family members.


– Find the locations of iPhone users in the last 12 hours.

You can allow or deny others iPhone users access to your location.

You have the option to decrease the use of your battery.

It’s simple to sign up and to use.

You can track children and employees as well as track lost or stolen iPhone.


Sometimes it fails to refresh the locations.

It could drain your battery life.


– iOS 8.0, 9, 10, and iOS 11.

3. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is the official app from Apple to monitor the current location of a stolen or lost iPhone. You can utilize this iPhone real-time tracker app to find your iOS device. It is preinstalled on certain iOS devices and you can download it from the iOS App Store at no cost.


It’s easy to find the exact location of your iPhone on Google Maps.

You can also view the location history of your device.

It also provides directions to the lost device.

You can see the battery percentage of the device you are trying to locate.


There isn’t any Geofencing features.

– iOS device running iOS 8.0 or older isn’t supported.


iOS 8.0 or later.

4. LocaToWeb

LocaToWeb is yet another of the top iPhone real-time location tracking application with many impressive features. It allows you to track not just the location of the target but also its speed, distance and altitude.


You can also post your location on the internet to share with others.

Monitor distance and duration, speed, and the time since the device began to move.

– There is no need to sign up for this app.


The battery will deplete faster if you continue to utilize it.

You would have to spend cash to access this app.

Compatible OS:

— iOS 9.0, iOS 10 and iOS 11.

5. Glympse

Glympse is an app for sharing location that allows you to share your real-time GPS location with anyone. If you wish to locate someone, simply forward a sharing request directly from their device to yourself. This will allow you to observe their activities in an evolving map.


Track the real-time location of an individual without needing to sign up.

It’s very simple to use and is completely silent in the background.


If you want to send shares to your device of choice, you’ll require access to that device.

This app runs in the background, which means that battery drain is almost guaranteed


It is compatible with iOS 9.0+.

6. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is another app that comes from iPhone that allows you to track the exact location of an iPhone. Find My iPhone is not identical to Find My iPhone. Instead, Find My Friends can be used to track iPhone’s location and create Geofencing locations which will send you notifications whenever the person arrives or leaves an area.


Follow your family and friends’ position in real-time

You can also share your private location for a time or for a set period of time.

It is possible to configure Geofencing alerts when a person arrives or leaves a location.

Access is free on the Apple App Store.


Sometimes the data may be in error.

Compatible OS:

The most recent version of iOS is compatible only with iOS 10.0 or higher.

7. Family Locator and GPS Tracker

Family Locator and GPS Tracker app are among the top iPhone applications for real-time location tracking which can be used to monitor the GPS locations of someone. The app lets you set Geofences to notify you about specific locations.


Follow your location in real time

It is able to support alarms for panic and SOS alerts

You can also utilize the app to receive directions to your child’s home.


In-app purchases are necessary for tracking the tracker history of a person.


Only compatible with iOS 9.0 or greater.

Part 2 – The Best iPhone Spy and Track Tool

The iPhone real-time tracking software listed above only track the GPS locations of the person you want to track. Additionally, you can use NetSpy to monitor data as well as activities on your iPhone.

NetSpy is an parental control and child monitoring tool that allows you to track the activities of a person on their smartphones. Although it can monitor both Android and iOS devices, the functionality is different for each platform. It is necessary to install the Android monitoring application on the device you wish to monitor in order to use it, whereas for iPhone it is only required the iCloud ID of the person you want to target as well as the password. It will track various iPhone data, including messages, call logs and locations history.

Why should you choose this iPhone tracker and spy tool?

Follow the track of the place of your target.

It also records texts and call logs for the target.

You can also track your surfing history on the internet.

– Calendars, Notes, reminders etc. NetSpy is also available for checking.

You can also track the installed applications on the device.

Simple Steps to Track Someone’s iPhone Activity

Step 1: Go to the official site of NetSpy and sign up to get an account with a NetSpy account. Log in to the sign up page and sign up using your email address and password.

Step 2: Once you are on the NetSpy setup wizard, enter the name and age of the target, and then select the OS as iOS and then click”Next”.

Step 3: On the following page, type in the iCloud ID and password on the device to be targeted and click”Verify”.

Log into NetSpy and you’ll be able to spy on or track the activities of the target iPhone. To check the history of the location of the target, simply click on “Location History”. You can also remotely see his text messages, call logs and app images.


There are many reasons why someone would like to use iPhone real-time location tracking apps. It could be tracking the location employees, children or spouses. If you’re not sure of how to monitor the live location of an iPhone or other device, you could employ the best iPhone live location tracking apps that are listed below. The NetSpy monitoring tool can be used to track the actions of the targeted phone’s mobile.



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