How to Hack My iPhone Through Text

How to Hack My iPhone Through Text

Could Someone steal my iPhone’s data using Text?

Could Someone steal my iPhone's data using Text?
Could Someone steal my iPhone’s data using Text?

The iPhone is the most well-known smartphone on the mobile market. It is the sole non Android phone that can maintain its position against the top Android manufacturers. Despite Apple’s claim that iPhone and iOS is the safest platform, hackers still exploit this vulnerability to gain access your personal data. It is normal to send texts to family members and friends. But, who can tell? This information can be used to gain access to your device. What if someone could hack my iPhone through text is one of the most asked questions on the internet? We’ll discuss the potential for an iPhone to be targeted by hackers using texts and the best methods to deal with the issue.

Part 1. Can I be hacked by someone by using text

Part 2 How to Tell if Your iPhone is Hacked Through Text

Part 3. Tips to Avoid iPhone Hack via Text Message

Part 4. How to hack someone’s phone (iPhone X also included)

Part 1. Can Someone Hack My iPhone With Text?

Part 1. Can Someone Hack My iPhone With Text?
Part 1. Can Someone Hack My iPhone With Text?

Although Apple states it is iOS is the safest mobile OS and isn’t susceptible to hacking attempts by making it sound so it isn’t, hackers still have the ability to gain access to iPhones through text messages. You might be wondering if anyone can hack my iPhone through texts. The malicious software of NSO Group, Pegasus, can hack iPhones with iOS 9.3.5 or higher using just one text.

Pegasus is installed automatically onto the phone of the target without their consent. Pegasus infects iPhone users by transferring all information about the target to hackers. Pegasus was designed to exploit three weaknesses that Trident is renowned for in the iOS environment. The hacker has access to all the information on the victim account, including email accounts, bank accounts and contact information. The vulnerability could still be present in iOS versions older than 9.3.5. It is believed that Apple has fixed the flaw with the iOS 9.3.5.

Part 2. How to detect if your iPhone is being hacked via text messages

Now that you know the answer to your”can someone hack my iPhone via text” question, it is time to learn the indicators which could indicate the attack. If you believe that your iPhone has been hacked, it can give the hacker access to all your personal information. This can be extremely risky if you are a high-ranking executive at a large company. A hacking attack on your iPhone could reveal your company’s secrets to the entire world, which could cause serious loss. So , it is advised to pay attention to these warning signs that can alert you of the possibility of cyber attacks.

– Unauthorized Jailbreak

Programs that are malicious, such as Pegasus will jailbreak your iPhone before transmitting information about the person who is targeted to the hacker. Your phone could have been jailbroken by someone else, without your knowledge. An iPhone jailbroken will allow malicious apps to be installed without your permission. This can do more harm than you thought.

– Receive Strange Text Messages

Someone will provide you with instructions via text messages to monitor the actions of your device is compromised using text messages. The messages will appear as blank squares or special characters. These characters could be encoded instructions that hackers send to enable computers to perform specific tasks, like sending emails or messages to the target.

Unknown Use

If hackers are able to access an iPhone remotely using text messages, they will be able to initiate calls, send text messages, photos etc with just a single text message. If you see unusual pattern of behavior with your phone including calls that you do not recognize in your call logs, it’s an indication that someone else has made these calls.

– Your Battery Drains More Faster

It’s possible that you iPhone was hacked, in the event that your iPhone’s battery runs out more quickly than usual or even if you’re actively using it. The battery will be drained by a hacking program that runs in the background and is monitoring the device.

Performance Deterioration

As we have already mentioned that malicious software that runs in the background consumes resources in order to run its program and perform its tasks. Your device might seem slower than usual it could be an indication that it’s being affected by malware. But the performance drop could be caused by applications or system updates running in the background.

– Calls are interrupted during calls.

Unusual dropouts in calls or service disruptions may be indications that you’re being hacked. Though the problem may be related to the service provider If that’s not the case, then you were being hacked by someone.

Part 3. Tips to be Watchful of for the iPhone Hack using Text Message

Filtering messages

There are a variety of apps and services available which can block text messages. These messaging filtering applications can stop spam messages that could contain spyware or malware. Only trustworthy sources will be permitted to send messages. All others will be removed.

– Don’t Open Strange Messages

Usually, messages that contain malicious code that could damage your device appear as empty spaces or characters. You should delete any text messages with characters difficult to read from the notifications bars. It is possible that your device could be used as a surveillance device by hackers , if the code is executed.

– System Update

Make sure to make sure to update your iOS firmware and OS to the most up-to-date version. This will keep hackers from exploiting iOS security vulnerabilities. This was extremely helpful in the Pegasus attack, where iOS 9.3.5-based devices were vulnerable to hackers. Pegasus exploited the trident vulnerability in iOS. It was then fixed in iOS9.3.5. It’s also a good idea for iPhone users to upgrade to iOS 9.3.5 in the event that they’ve discovered hacking techniques that are not as well-known.

Avoid opening unwelcome links

Someone is likely to hack your iPhone by using text messages, so if you find a link to any text messages, email or even a web page, don’t be bested by your curiosity. Go ahead and click the link. If you do you might be caught in the web of hackers and expose yourself to risk.

Part 4. How to hack someone’s phone without Accessing It

The query”can someone hack my iPhone by using text” is one of the most frequently asked about hacking iPhone remotely. In addition to the malicious motives for which someone might want to hack an iPhone (or Android device) there are other instances in which hacking iPhone is required. Parents may decide to hack iPhone to help their children keep track of their web activities. Employers must keep an eye on their employees ‘ attention spans to avoid distractions and to keep them on track. To make sure that employees do not get cheated on it, couples could need to hack into their partners’ iPhones. In these cases, a tools for spying like FreePhoneSpy could assist these individuals in keep track of the activities of their partners.

FreePhoneSpy allows parents and employers to keep track of their children’s and employees’ use of iPhone. It’s the ideal tool for hacking iPhone data , including messages and call logs and web history Notes and calendars etc.

We recommend this hacking tool for iPhones and Androids:

FreePhoneSpy isn’t required to jailbreak an iPhone to enable it to be monitored.

It’s possible to hack remotely iPhone data without having access to the device.

You can check the call logs and text messages in web history, as well as contacts of your targeted.

FreePhoneSpy lets you spy in on WhatsApp and Line chats.

Get FreePhoneSpy App at: FreePhoneSpy Hack Cell Phone Gps Location.

Methods to hack someone’s Android phone or iPhone data , and without them even realizing

Step 1: Open an account

First, go to the FreePhoneSpy official website from your internet browser. Create an account on FreePhoneSpy by entering an email address that is valid.

Enter the age and target name to complete the setup. Choose your mobile device platform.

Step 2: Configure on the Target Device

To monitor iPhone text messages , call logs as well as location history, browsing history and other information, all you have to do is verify the iCloudID on the target iPhone.

You will need an APK in case you’re an Android user. These steps are only for Android users. Start by going to the”Settings”, then”Security” and check if”Unknown Source” is enabled or not. If it’s disabled, you can enable it to download APK files. You can install the app on the device to be targeted by downloading APk from FreePhoneSpy website.

After installing an app on the target device, log-in to the app using the same email address that you have used while creating your account.

After you log in, the app will ask to verify your identity. You can block the icon from the target device by clicking the button “Start monitoring”. Choose that option if you want app work in the hidden mode.

Step 3: Hack Android and iPhone Data

Then you’ll be able access FreePhoneSpy via your computer or device with the same email ID you used on your target device.

Now you have complete access to your target device. You can also track data like messages, contacts and location.


FreePhoneSpy is a great option for those who want to track information of others. You can also track other devices ‘ data using different methods than the software. You might be wondering whether somebody could hack my phone simply by texting me. With the advances in technology, both Android as well as iPhone can be compromised via text messages.



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