How Do You Track Your Friend's Phone , Without Them Knowing

How Do You Track Your Friend’s Phone , Without Them Knowing

Is it possible to track your friend’s mobile phone without being aware?

Is it possible to track your friend's mobile phone without being aware?
Is it possible to track your friend’s mobile phone without being aware?

Friendships can be difficult. It is possible to protect your friend from time to time to keep a close bond. It is possible to use spying devices as well as monitoring tools to monitor your loved ones if you suspect that they may be hiding some kind of thing. There are a myriad of monitoring tools online designed to monitor employees and provide parental control. It isn’t easy for the average person to decide the best tool for them. This article will assist you to decide which monitoring tool is best for you. We will guide you through how to locate your friend’s phone without knowing it.

Part 1. How to trace your friend’s phone without being aware

Part 2. Part 2. Traditional methods to track your friend’s phone without being aware

3. Part 3.

Part 1. How to trace your friend’s phone without being aware

Part 1. How to trace your friend's phone without being aware
Part 1. How to trace your friend’s phone without being aware

The majority of people want to know what their friends are doing on their mobile these times. FreePhoneSpy, which is a powerful tool for monitoring allows you to do this easily. This powerful monitoring tool allows you to hack into the phone of your friend with various advanced tools. FreePhoneSpy lets you monitor your friend’s phone with just several steps. FreePhoneSpy works with Android as well as iOS phones. FreePhoneSpy is compatible with more than 6000 Android devices.

This is the reason you should consider this stealthy phone tracker

Find out where your friend is located live Never lie to them about where they’re located. FreePhoneSpy lets you track the position of the device of your friend live, without them knowing.

– Get access to Call logs. You can view the history of calls made by your friends to find out what they did during calls. You can view nearly every incoming and outgoing phone call, without knowing.

– Web monitoring: Do you wish to know your friend’s internet browsing past? FreePhoneSpy is an excellent tool for this. It will show the web browsing history of the target device that is stored in a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other.

FreePhoneSpy’s features are easy to utilize. Each feature is designed using an algorithm that is distinctive and efficient. The application doesn’t require any knowledge of computers.

The tool is extremely cost-effective. It is available for purchase at an affordable cost through the official website of FreePhoneSpy.

Simple steps to track your Friends’s Mobile Without Knowing

All you have to do is sign up for an account with FreePhoneSpy account and sign up for the subscription plan. After that, you can install the plug-in onto your desired device. FreePhoneSpy provides flexible subscription plans that are suitable for any user.

Step 1. Create FreePhoneSpy Account

To sign up for an account, the first step is to visit the official website of FreePhoneSpy. The next step is to complete the required information including your email ID as well as your Password, along with the device owner’s name.

Step 2. Step 2.

First, you must install the FreePhoneSpy app , if your friend is using an Android device.

You’ll need to download FreePhoneSpy to your desired Android device. Click on the download button.

You can now enable Unknown sources to download files on the target Android device. This can be done by selecting Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

Start the app, and then enter FreePhoneSpy login information like Email ID or Password.

The ability to track your friend’s phone can be accomplished even if he is using an iPhone or iPad.

– Enter Apple iCloudID information, like Apple ICloudID as well as password. To begin monitoring, click the button to verify.

3. Step 3. Remotely access a friend’s phone with no access

FreePhoneSpy is a web-based application that lets you select any function you’d like to hack.

Download FreePhoneSpy for Tracking Your Friend’s Phone Without Them Knowing at: https://freephonespy.app

Part 2. The traditional methods of tracking the Mobile Phone of a Friend without Being aware

You’re not aware that your friend owns an iPhone, however you’d like to keep an eye on the phone. Be cautious! This is an excellent way to monitor your friends phones without them knowing by using the traditional methods of spying.

Hire Private Investigator

While this can be risky, it will provide you with accurate details about your friend’s present actions. What are they communicating to them? To monitor the phone of your friend without their knowing, you can employ an investigator or private detective. It is a costly method of tracking your friend’s phone without being aware.

GPS Car Tracker

Another device that has changed the entire world is this. You could also utilize this tool to locate your friend right now. The device is available on the internet at any electronic appliance retailer. Once you have bought the devices, you’ll need to place it in your vehicle and connect it to your cell phone.

Part 3. Part 3.

The first step is to download and install Whatsapp on the device you want to use. After that, open it.

– Make an account on Whatsapp account by using the mobile number.

Start Whatsapp and tap Attachment on the bottom, and choose a location from the choices.

– Select the Share Live button, choose the date and click the send button.


Nowadays the tracking of mobile phones is very widespread. People want to know what their partner is up to, particularly in relational relationships. FreePhoneSpy is one of our top tools to do this. It can be used to monitor the mobile phone of your loved ones without knowing about it.


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