How Can You Spy On iPhone Text Messages

How Can You Spy On iPhone Text Messages

Spy on iPhone Text Messages for free

Spy on iPhone Text Messages for free
Spy on iPhone Text Messages for free

Security breaches are on the rise like never before , and it makes you worry about your family and loved ones. Sometimes, it is essential to keep an eye on younger siblings and parents. It is possible to keep your eye on them and not disturb their lives by watching texts sent via iPhones. They won’t be aware and won’t be able to tell you. They will not even communicate with anyone sending messages that are harmful or inappropriate. There is a chance that your spouse/partner could be in a relationship with someone else. It is possible to spy on the text messages sent by your spouse’s iPhone and find out the fact. For situations like this there are a variety of programs and apps on the market to help ease your anxiety.

Part 1. Part 1.

Part 2. How to monitor iPhone messages with the top software (with the guide)

Part 1. Free Apps to Monitor iPhone Text messages

Part 1. Free Apps to Monitor iPhone Text messages
Part 1. Free Apps to Monitor iPhone Text messages

There are numerous free apps which allow you to monitor on iPhone conversations. This section will focus on iPhone apps that help you monitor text messages. Let’s look at what these apps offer.

1. PhoneTracking

The app lets you track iPhone messages on both Android as well as iOS phones. After activating the application, you can see the complete conversation. You can browse the iPhones of your children to look for any clues. After you have confirmed that the iPhone connects to PhoneTracking, you can log into my.coppy9.com to access any details you require. View all activity on the iPhone and even spy on messages sent to text. The application runs in the background and the target device user won’t be able to tell the program is being monitored.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Apart from monitoring iPhone text messages PhoneTracking may also gather data from WhatsApp messages including phone calls, calendars etc.. ItIt also has the ability to circumvent Apple’s security protocols for iMessage.

The software allows you to see your child’s history of browsing and downloads. The control panel allows you to control remotely their internet use.

Additionally, you can determine the apps that are installed and utilized on the device you want to. You can delete unwanted apps. You can also reformat the storage space on your iPhone, in case it is stolen.


It circumvents iMessage security protocol and retrieves it.

– With the feature of remote formatting, you may end up losing important information.

2. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy allows you to spy on text messages sent from iPhones and Facebook messages. You can also spy on messages sent via other messenger apps and social networks. This app can also monitor the GPS location on the target device. TheTruthSpy is the most effective app to spy on employees and children. You can even keep track of the location of the device of the target within a matter of minutes.

Rating: 3.1 stars from 5


The app has keylogging, as well as a simple interface.

– It is compatible with the main OS phones, namely Android and iOS.

It’s available in many languages benefitting the users from all over the world.


It’s only basic options , until you decide to purchase the full version.

The customer support options aren’t satisfactory.

3. Built-in method using iMessage

This method, as the title states, is an inbuilt technique that is easily executed using your iPhone. This is a great method to spy on iPhone text messages without paying anything. This method allows every iOS device user to access the messages sent and received of the person you are targeting. These are the steps.

Open’Settings on the target phone. Tap on the Messages option, then select the ‘Send and Receive’.

Free spy on text messages from iphone

Press the “Add Another Email” button now and type in your email address. Now, take your device and you can now track every message that is sent and received on your targeted iPhone.

You can access for free messages via text message sent by your iPhone 2


– No additional apps are required to spy on target devices.


It is only possible to read messages spied with this method.

4. Free iPhone Spy provided by AppSpy

This iOS software is able to track iPhone text messages. AppSpy is highly regarded and followed by many happy customers. This program is able to keep its top quality and dependable services. AppSpy is the best of the spy software selection. It has a variety of features such as the ability to listen to. The tool is able to monitor messages, calls and even location. It is also possible to use the key logger tool to collect the passwords to the target phones.

Rating: 4.3 stars out of five


The service can be completely secretive and provides customers with 24 hour assistance.

AppSpy offers a 100% money-back guarantee as well as reliability.

The alert and notifications functions inform you of any suspicious activity.


The configuration and activation procedure can be very long and demanding.

– Relativelyspeaking, the program operates a bit slowly.

5. 6Spy

6Spy is a tool that can be used to track iPhone texts. The software also offers an all-inclusive solution that is completely free. It lets you access calls, SMS, messenger applications, places, and many more. It’s completely safe and secure.

Rating: 3.3 stars from 5


You can also monitor deleted messages but not yet on the target device.

6spy lets multiple users use the same account.

It is available on Android as well as iPhone.


– Interface is a bit old fashioned.

Part 2. How to Monitor iPhone Messages using the Most Effective Software (with the Guide).

After reviewing the iPhone apps that allow you to monitor text messages, you will locate the top software to offer you the most advantages. FreePhoneSpy monitors uses your own device to monitor the phone of a worker or child remotely. This program can be used to monitor Android as well as iOS mobile surveillance. You can track your employee’s iPhone/Android device for calls, texts apps, calls, and a variety of data types.

Important Features of FreePhoneSpy

It allows you to assess your employees’ performance and determine how to improve their performance.

When your children have gone away, you can still be around to supervise them. This lets you be sure of their safety. You can also test the level of battery on their iPhone/Android devices.

– It is compatible with various browsers across devices. You’ll never be disappointed regardless of whether you’re using Mac/Windows or mobile device.

You can read the text messages on the target Android/iOS device remotely, together with images, videos calls, social media messages, etc

– Any phone can store more than 29 different kinds of data. With its synchronous tracking system it is easy to monitor the GPS position and movements of your child.

Let’s look at the complete guide on how to monitor iPhone texts

Step 1 Step 1: Create an account

Click”Try it Now” button at text message spy online free without survey and signup using your email ID. Keep the ID and password you’ve selected when signing up.

Step 2 2. Install the iPhone

Log into your FreePhoneSpy account, and then type in your name, age, and the OS running on the phone they are using. To continue, click the Apple logo at the bottom of screen, and then click ‘Next’.

Step 3: Enter iCloud credentials

Input the iCloud ID, password, and select “Verify”. After you have logged in, download the app to the target iPhone and enter your iCloud credentials.

Step 4. Monitor the text messages that iPhones send to each other

Now, go to any web browser with your iPhone/Mac/Windows/Android mobile and sign into FreePhoneSpy control panel. Click on ‘Messages’ in the left-hand panel. The details will be displayed in the next page.



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